About Us

Canadian 2 For 1 Pizza

There's slice for everyone


Since the beginning of our operations in 1995 with just one outlet in Singapore, Canadian Pizza’s development has been enlivened with the energy to develop New Flavors of Pizza that caters to the taste of Singapore.

We realize numerous individuals love Pizzas, Yet a large number of us always associate Pizza with only certain flavors, At Canadian Pizza we have broken barriers and introduced Pizza’s that are unique and resonate with our Customers taste buds. 

We believe Pizza is like a film, not everyone likes a thriller. Like each person has their own favorite genre in movies every individual has a favorite pizza. A Good Pizza takes you to a joyful ride of flavors that you love and cherish. 

What's Unique about Canadian Pizza?

  1. Meat Free - Our amazing meat Free Pizzas are for those who are looking for a healthier choice or are transitioning to Vegetarianism. We are continuously working to develop new flavors and create amazing Pizza and Sides for you.
  2. Local Flavors - In our menu you will find a plethora of options that offer a unique touch of Singapore flavors. 
  3. Classic Pizza Flavors- At Canadian Pizza you get the best of both worlds with the delicious new flavors and the classic pizza flavors like pepperoni, Hawaiian, Margarita.
  4. Always 2 For 1 - Pizza is meant to be shared and why not get more value for your money!!
  5. Last but not the least our Pizza Artist - Our Pizza Artists and their love for creating that perfect pizza for each customer is what brings life to our Pizzas. Each Pizza is freshly made as soon as you order.

Family, friends and good times have always gone together. And nothing brings people together in quite the same way as sharing a pizza. For over 28 years, Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza has been invited to everyday dinners and special celebrations in Singapore for a simple reason: our great tasting pizzas and food make good times better. In pursuing our mission of "helping make the good times better" Canadian 2 for 1 Pizza have become one of Singapore's largest and most successful pizza delivery brands.

Our Ambition

📌 To keep our Customers excited and intrigued with our Menu.

📌 To Retain our Position as Number 1 in Pizza Delivery

📌 To keep reinventing Delicious flavors and developing great tasting Pizzas.